No 2

Théraulaz 5872

Winner of the Swiss Cheese Award

Alpage La Théraulaz, Fribourg, 5872ft a.s.l.
Milk Raw cow's milk
Farmer Jean Louis Roch
Cheesemaker Jean Louis Roch
Flavour Nutty with salty undertones
EU Certification CH 6062
Price from £3.90/100g
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“Like a breeze of fresh mountain air. It seduces with hints of toasted chestnut and hazelnut, while small, crunchy protein crystals add further sensations to the palate.”

Six Generations 

Comté and Beaufort have been modelled after Gruyère d’Alpage. But nothing beats the original, especially when it’s as tasty as the Théraulaz, produced by Jean-Louis Roch, cheesemaker in 6th generation.

Jean-Lous Roch has won the Swiss Cheese Award on several occasions, not only for best cheese in his category, but also for best cheese overall.

Genuine Gruyère

Up on La Théraulaz at 5872ft, the scenery is hardly different to the one Jean-Lous Roch’s great-great-great-grandfather must have been familiar with: The cows are still milked outside in the open air, the milk is still warmed over a crackling wood fire in a copper vat – gleaming within and blackened from decades of wood smoke on the outside.

Gruyère / Fribourg
No 2

Théraulaz 5872

Regular price from £3.90/100g

This Gruyère d’Alpage, created by Jean-Louis Roch on his Alpage La Théraulaz, reveals itself as an elegant, refined cheese with nutty flavours, and an aroma evoking the fresh air at the farm’s altitude of 5872ft. Wine suggestion: a fruity Chasselas, for instance a Clos du Boux, produced at the sunny shores of Lake Geneva, not far from the Gruyère region .