No 8

Stöckalp 3576

Matured to Perfection

Alpage Stöckalp / Bergmatt, Obwald, 3576ft a.s.l.
Milk Raw cow's milk
Farmer Alpgenossen Kerns
Cheesemaker Werni Von Rotz
Flavour From caramel to venison
EU Certification CH 6197
Price from 5.20/100g
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“Stöckalp Sbrinz is a very hard cheese… and equally hard to get. We were able to secure a few wheels which are now maturing in our cellar.”

Very Traditional

Over 500 years ago, by producing a Parmiggiano style cheese called Sbrinz, Swiss alpine farmers started one of the first counterfeit operations. They made such a good job that many Italians still prefer Sbrinz over Parmiggiano.

Stöckalp Sbrinz, matured for over three years, has nothing to do with Sbrinz you might find elsewhere. Indeed, it can keep up with the best aged Parmiggiano from Emiglia Romagna.  

True Rarity 

“AOP Alp Sbrinz” is produced in central Switzerland. The rarity is generated by the fact that merely eight producers are still traditional alpine cheese dairies. Together they provide only 5% of total Sbrinz production, the rest being made in factories in the lowlands. To make sure that the cheese, in former times exported on the back of mules and donkeys, arrived in perfect shape after a journey of many days, it had to be well matured.

Melchthal / Obwald
No 8

Stöckalp 3576

Regular price from 5.20/100g

You need a truly sharp knive to cut through a piece of Stöckalp Sbrinz, but your efforts will be rewarded with flavours from milky caramel notes to robust illusions of venison.

Enjoy it in small crumbly wedges for pre-dinner drinks (we recommend a fruity Champagne), or as dessert, with a Lambrusco. Our absolute favourite is to combine it with Gyokuro green tea.