Pear Balsamico

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Swiss Mountain Essence is a Balsamico vinegar, made from pears which grow on old traditional Swiss trees. Pear cider is carefully made from these fruits using a traditional procedure, without adding any colourings, flavourings or preservatives. It is matured for 18 months in French oak barrels, at an altitude of 10 200ft, high in the Bernese Alps.

There, the golden-brown essence develops its complex and diverse flavours with the help of the low-oxygen atmosphere and constant temperature checks.

Surrounded by rock that is thousands of years old and at least a few mountain crystals, the Swiss Mountain Essence is in the best company until it leaves the mountains again at the earliest 18 months later.

The natural maturing perfectly conserves the taste of the pears and together with the most diverse types of cheese provides a delicious combination which is difficult to separate. 

Swiss Mountain Essence Pear Balsamico Vinegar, 200 ml, £15.90

Tastes great with any Swiss alpine cheese.