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Sorescia 7093

A Childhood in Stockings

Alpage Sorescia, Ticino, 7093ft a.s.l.
Milk Raw cow's milk
Farmer Angelo Lombardi
Cheesemaker Florindo Martinoni
Flavour Fresh cream with alpine hay and almond
EU Certification CH 81900692
Price from £4.20/100g
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“The vegetation period at this very high altitude is short. Herbs have to give their best to survive – they need to be strong, attractive, tasty. These characteristics are readily tasted in the Sorescia.”

Matured in stages

In the early stage of maturation the Sorescia wheels hang in jute stockings from the cellar ceiling. This way they benefit from 360° of alpine air mixed with the humidity emanating from the natural rocky cave. The best ones are chosen to further mature in an old fort, before they come into our cellars for the final ripening process.

Sorescia, like Piora, matures covered in brownish-grey mildew. This mould fungus is important for the complexity of the taste, as it lets the soft, creamy paste develop in peace. It has won Silver at the Global Cheese Awards 2017 and Bronze at the World Cheese Awards 2017.

Part of Swiss History

The "Alpeggio Sorescia" is close to the most important Swiss mountain pass – the Saint Gotthard. This area played a central role in the national defense and is still littered with now obsolete fortifications. The Sorescia wheels we have selected for you are matured, after their «childhood» in stockings, deep inside Motto Bartola, a fortification built in 1890.

Gotthard / Ticino
No 5

Sorescia 7093

Regular price from £4.20/100g

Sorescia regularly earns highest merits in cheese contests: It never obtains less than 19,5 points out of 20. This is certainly due to the terroir – at 7093 feet above sea level, the conditions are very special indeed. The unique character of the cheese is also due to the dedication of the cheesemaker Florindo Martinoni, who is responsible for making the Sorescia cheese since more than 45 years. Discover a multitude of different layers of taste – including fresh cream, honey, dried wild berries, almonds and scents of mushroom and leather. We would suggest that it is best enjoyed with a a well aged Merlot.