No 6

Piora 6204

The most prestigious

Alpage Piora, Ticino, 6204ft a.s.l.
Milk Raw cow's milk
Farmer Corporazione Boggesi Piora
Cheesemaker Paolo Alberti /Osvaldo Nicolodi
Flavour From rich cream over hay to nuts
EU Certification CH 71942875
Price from £7.80/100g
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“Piora is the most prestigious and most expensive of Swiss alp cheeses. It is AOP denominated and scarcely available in Switzerland, let alone abroad.”

Truly Luxurious

Everything about Piora is special: the sunny west/eastern location above the tree-line, the lakes, the unique alpine flora – in a region that cherishes the art of cheese making.The taste is truly distinct: barnyard aromas which make you think of freshly harvested hay, hints of cream, chestnut and fresh mushrooms.

Piora matures covered in brownish-grey mildew, as most alpine cheeses from the southern part of Switzerland do. Alle Piora cheeses are matured in the farmers' own small caves before they arrive in Alpages' maturing cellar. 

Unique flora

Piora is a high valley where you encounter typical mountain inhabitants like chamois, but also Alpine eagles – a truly rare bird, like the cheese which is produced in the valley.
At altitudes above 6000 ft, the flora differs strongly to lower alp meadows. Particular herbs, many of which are only to be found there, give the cheese its special character.


No 6

Piora 6204

Regular price from £7.80/100g

Piora is one of those few cheese sensations in the world, where everything falls into place: meadows with unique biological conditions, brilliant cheesemaking and caves which are perfectly adapted for maturation. At 12 months of age, all the flavours are already there, these only get accentuated as the cheese gets older. This truly special cheese is best savoured with a white Burgundy.