No 10

Meder 6397

A Royal (Re-)Treat

Alpage Meder, Grisons, 6397ft a.s.l
Milk Raw cow's milk
Farmer Alpgenossenschaft Küblis
Cheesemaker Stefan Muller-Bardill
Flavour Buttery with peachy notes
EU Certification CH 83769399
Price from £3.20/100g
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 “A cheese characterized by its origins: sunny, mellow meadows close to the alpine timber line, where vegetation is scarce – like the cheese itself.”


Most of the alpages in the canton of Grisons belong to alpine cooperatives. In summer, farmers from the valleys bring their cows up to the mountain meadows. After the season, the cheeses which have been made with their milk are distributed evenly among the cow-owners.

The Müller-Bardill family cultivates their Meder cheeses in a purpose built rock cave up in the mountain and it is further matured in our own cellars.

Cows and Royals

The Alp Meder in Prättigau/Grisons is neighbouring the village of Klosters, known as a royal retreat. If skiing would be a summer sport, it might well be that the cows delivering the milk for the exquisite Meder cheese would have to share their pastures with the Prince of Wales.

Prättigau / Grisons
No 10

Meder 6397

Regular price from £3.20/100g

Meder has a supple, straw coloured paste and comes with a flavour of fresh cream and surprisingly fruity notes like peach or apricot. The Prättigau area is noted for its sunshine and this is clearly reflected in the taste of the cheese. Try it with a strong beer, like Fuller’s London Porter or Barrell & Sellers Best Bitter – by the way: hoppy and rather bitter beers go well with most of our alpine cheeses.