No 3

Frutt 4757

A Cheese with a View

Alpage Frutt, Nidwald, 4757ft a.s.l.
Milk Raw cow's milk
Farmer Verena and Georges Khalil
Cheesemaker Verena and Georges Khalil
Flavour Buttery with hints of exotic fruit
EU Certification CH 6196
Price from £3.90/100g
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“At Alp Frutt, high above the Lake of Lucerne, cows enjoy spectacular views but are also allowed to choose the best of lush alpine herbs.”

Rösli has Horns 

At Alp Frutt – and most of the farms we have chosen as producers for our cheeses – the cows are not only bearing names, but also their natural horns. Unlike 98% of their European counterparts.

Yes, alpine cheese is about great taste and century old traditions, but animal welfare is also important to us. Freely roaming cows, which still have their horns, are, we believe, happier cows. And happier cows produce better, tastier milk.

Golden Views

The canton of Nidwald, where this cheese comes from, is not as well known for its cheeses as, for instance, the Gruyère region, simply because here the mountainsides are very steep, grass for the cows is therefore very scarce and highly treasured. For centuries, the mountain farmers hardly had enough cheese for their own consumption, making a surplus was barely imaginable. But with food as a basic resource now less scarce, this very precious commodity is gradually becoming available to a larger market.

No 3

Frutt 4757

Regular price from £3.90/100g

Every bite of the Frutt 4757 is like enjoying the majestic views from the alpine meadows it originates. Sit down, relax and imagine watching the evening sun to melt the Lake of Lucerne into liquid gold. Take a nose full of herbs like melissa, alpine lady’s mantle or camomile – and be surprised how these flavours marry well on your tongue with a strong British ale.