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Buggi 4515

Switzerland’s smallest certified cheese dairy

Alpage Buggialp, Uri, 4515ft a.s.l.
Milk Raw cow's milk
Farmer Furrer family
Cheesemaker Heidi Furrer
Flavour Wild sage & honey
EU Certification CH 74704680
Price from £2.90 per 100g
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“On the tongue it feels sparkling and you may be able to distinguish alpine herbs as well as a hint of smoke from the open wood fire from which it was produced.”

Rare breed, rare cheese

Heidi Furrer, the Buggialp’s cheesemaker, is proud of her family’s 35 “Original Swiss Brown” cows – a breed perfectly adapted to hard mountain life, but also a very rare one. Rare, like Heidi’s cheese.

Only about 2,000 kilograms of Buggi 4515 are produced every summer. We are glad to have secured for you some of this rarity – and this even in three different stages of maturation.

Centrally remote

Buggialp can only be accessed by a fearsome two-seater cable car or by a 5 hour hike (steep!). It is situated at 4,515 feet in the canton of Uri in Central Switzerland. Here, it feels like the time has stood still, even the dangerous custom of manual hay making on the steep slopes is still practised. What this does mean is that many more varieties of grass and herbs can be fed (as hay) to the cows. As a result, the cows and subsequently the cheese is produced from some of the rarest terroirs in the alps.

No 1

Buggi 4515

Regular price from £2.90 per 100g

An honestly rustic cheese, with an outspoken character. It lets you sense the rocky environment in which it has been produced. Cooked in a tiny copper vat over an open wood fire, the Buggi has a gentle smokey infusion with herbal tones of wild sage, yarrow and thyme. We discovered a great wine to go with it, a “Monbazillac Jour de Fruit“, available at