No 7

Bergmatt 3576

Surprisingly mild

Alpage Bergmatt, Obwald, 3576ft a.s.l.
Milk Raw cow's milk
Farmer Alpgenossen Kerns
Cheesemaker Werni Von Rotz
Flavour Creamy
EU Certification CH 6197
Price from £3.20/100g
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“This cheese has an outstanding rate of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. The Bergmatt’s flavours also please palates who favour milder cheeses.” 

Great cheese, great taste

With just 64 cows grazing on over 86 acres of Alpine meadows, deliver the milk for Werni von Rotz’s Sennerei, where he produces his cheeses during the summer months. Werni is absolutely dedicated to cheese making – for more than 40 years! His expertise can be found in every single bite of his cheeses.

Lakeside cheese

Obwald is so small, it is only half a canton. But if you could iron the mountains, it would probably triple in size. The Bergmatt meadows start at about 3100ft and go up to nearly 7000ft on the high valley of the Melchsee-Frutt, in winter a popular ski resort.

No 7

Bergmatt 3576

Regular price from £3.20/100g

Compared to other Alpine cheeses, the Bergmatt is rather mild. Even after one year of maturation, it still feels juicy on the tongue. Pleasant as it is, it invites you to eat more of it. And more. And more. We recommend to try and savour it slowly! The Bergmatt, like all alp cheeses, has five times more healthy fatty acids than Cheddar, for example.