Our Cheeses

Buggi is one of the small cheese making farms in Switzerland

Buggi 4515

From £9.90

Gruyère d'Alpages is the true, original, genuine Gruyère, the model for Comté

Théraulaz 5872

From £11.70

A piece of delicious mountain or rather alpine cheese from central Switzerland

Frutt 4757

From £11.70

Carvalanna is one of the very rare Alpine Vacherin Fribourgeois

Varvalanna 5462

From £10.80

Sorescia is one of those rare Swiss alpine cheeses

Sorescia 7093

From £12.60

Piora is the most expensive cheese from Switzerland

Piora 6204

From £23.40

Bergmatt, Swiss alpine cheese like Gruyère

Bergmatt 3576

From £9.60

A piece of aged Alp Sbrinz cheese, similar to Parmiggiano

Stöckalp 3576

From £26.00

Etivaz is a hand made artisan cheese from Switzerland

La Case 6299

From £13.20

Healthy alpine cheese with five times more Omega fatty acids than cheddar

Meder 6397

From £9.60