Tasting / Storing

Can I taste your cheese before buying?


At the moment, we only have two varieties in stock. If you''d like to order samples, please enquire via e-mail.


How long can I store the cheeses in the original vacuum pouch?


In the fridge at about 5°C, the cheese can last for at least three months in its vacuum pouch. There are no chemicals whatsoever in alpine cheese – not from the grass the cows had eaten, not in the milk, nor in anything else. 


How long can I store the cheeses once opened?


They should, properly stored, last at least a week or two. We think, in contrast to other cheese experts, that cling film, applied tightly (!), is a good way to store cheeses in the fridge. Certainly better than, as often recommended, to store them in a damp cloth, because the dampness will accelerate the building of mould. A damp cloth might be ok for soft cheeses like Brie. Cheese has to be stored in the fridge, of course, at the driest possible place, ideally between 1°C and 5°C.

Don’t forget to make sure they're at room temperature before serving to get the maximum flavour.


Can I freeze alp cheese?


Why freeze if you can order at Alpages.co.uk at any time? By freezing cheese, some of its great taste might get lost.

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