Ordering and Delivery


 How do I know you have received my order?


After having ordered, you will be immediately notified by e-mail.


When will I receive my order? 


Typically, your cheese arrives two or three days after ordering, but please allow up to 5 days for delivery and consider the fact that we don't ship on Fridays (as delivery would be on Monday, too long a journey to keep the cheese in top condition, even with our insulated package with ice pack). 


What will happen to the condition of the cheese if it is delayed? 


Please don’t worry if it is delayed by a day or so: it’s lovingly boxed with ice gel packs to keep the air cool and with low ambient temperatures the cheese will not be harmed.


Is there a minimum order quantity?


Small amounts of cheese dry out quickly and… frankly: once you’ve had a piece of one of our cheeses, you will want to have more. So, it’s better to order enough. The minimal size is 300 grams, smaller portions are difficult to handle. Every cheese is cut by hand fresh for you. 

So, yes, in theory, minimal order is 300 grams. But we are sure you will want to order more…


Can you cut to the exact required weight?


Cutting cheese accurately to a given weight is a real art. We don't use machines to cut the cheese – it is all done by our cheesemongers by hand. We always endeavour to get as close to the quantity ordered as possible, if we go "under" on one item we'll try and make up for it on another. 


Can I get a refund if I don’t like a cheese?


If you are not sure whether you will like the cheese, order a sample package. 

If you don’t like any of the cheeses, you will get a full refund for the nominal fee you paid for the samples. If you like them and order, the nominal fee will be credited on your next order. 


My items are faulty, how do I return them, and do I get a refund?


If for any reason you are not happy with the cheeses you have ordered, please contact us. 

If the cheese in question is clearly faulty and has been so before it left our premises (an unlikely event, though, because  every piece of cheese we sell is freshly cut by hand for every single order and therefore carefully inspected before it is shipped) you will get a 100% refund or replacement. To find out what happened with the cheese, we will ask you to provide us with a digital photograph of the fault.


How do you make sure that the cheese arrives in good condition?


Every cheese is hand cut especially for you at the time you order it from us. It is immediately vacuum-packed. All cheeses are securely packed by us in thermopackages with ice which will stay cool for up to 36 hours. Depending on the weather conditions, we can do without the additional cooling to our own discretion.


Can I telephone my order through to you rather than place an order online?


Unfortunately we are unable to accept orders over the phone. If you would like to place a larger order or have any wholesale inquiries, please e-mail us (shop@alpages.co.uk)




Do you ever substitute items if they are unavailable at the time of ordering?


Our cheeses are only produced in the summer months and all come from small cheesemakers. Furthermore, matured cheeses take time to mature, obviously. When we run out of stock, we’re out of stock. If this happens after your has been accepted, we will either substitute the out of stock item with a very similar cheese and notify you on your order note or contact you to arrange either a refund or a replacement. 


Can I order without a credit card?


If you don’t have a credit card, you can still delight in Swiss alp cheeses. Send us an e-mail with your request and we can see what we can do.


Can I buy these cheeses in a shop?


None of these cheeses are available in any shop in the UK at the moment, they’re mostly only available directly at the producers. And they are up on remote alpages in Switzerland, and this only in summer… 


Can I pick up my order at your premises?


Unfortunately not.


Can I get the cheese delivered to my work place?


Of course you can, please indicate the address details while ordering. 


 Do you sell wholesale?


Yes, we are thinking about selling to other retailers. Enquiries are welcome.


Can I get a gift order?


Yes, we send gifts in your name. Don’t forget to specify the delivery address. If you want to add a nice gift card: we are happy to do this for you. Just e-mail us the details. 


My order hasn’t turned up, what can I do?


Please send us an e-mail as soon as you think your delivery is over due. If this happens in London, we can react quickly. For every other location, we are depending on Royal Mail. We will track down your package and find a solution, according to the situation. 


When should I order for a specific date such as Christmas?


You can order any time from now and choose a delivery date to suit you once you're in the Checkout.

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