What isAlpine Cheese?

The rarity of Swiss alpine cheese is driven by the fact that it is only produced during the summer months, by artisan cheesemakers at altitudes over 3000ft. Alpages' Swiss alpine cheeses have been personally selected directly at the producers' in the Swiss alps. Until now, genuine artisan Swiss alpine cheeses have been unobtainable in the UK. As an introductory offer, you'll get free delivery.

Crafted using centuries old techniques

The cheeses we have selected for you are hand-made by skilled cheesemakers according to century old traditions often using copper vats and open wood fires. The unpasteurised milk is from cows who graze upon meadows of alpine flowers, herbs and grasses. A typical meadow contains over 100 different species, compared to an average of 10 varieties on the lowlands. The distance between the milk shed and the cheese dairy is only a few metres. Once produced, the cheeses are then matured from six months up to three years, during this time they are constantly being cared for and are individually washed and regularly turned in order to obtain an exceptional produce.

Healthier than
any other cheese

The high altitude affects both the quality of the air that the cow's enjoy but also the richness of that which grows in the meadows. The American Heart Association has gone so far as to recommend alpine cheese because it contains the right balance of Omega 3and 6 fatty acids which can lower the risk of heart attacks by 50%, according to their research.

Our Cheese

No 1 Buggi 4515
Silver Award at the Global Cheese Awards 2017 
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No 2 Théraulaz 5872
Winner of the Swiss Cheese Award
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No 3 Frutt 4757
Lush alpine herbs yield tastes of cream and exotic fruit...
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No 4 Varvalanna 5462
Award winning Vacherin Fribourgeois d'Alpage AOC
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No 5 Sorescia 7093
Silver Award at the Global Cheese Awards 2017
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No 6 Piora 6204
Don’t go through life without ever having tasted it.
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No 7 Bergmatt 3576
Voted best hard cheese at the Global Cheese Awards 2017...
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No 8 Stöckalp 3576
Our well matured genuine Alp Sbrinz. 
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No 9 La Case 6299
Gold winner at the International Cheese Awards 2017
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No 10 Meder 6397
Fruity notes from Prättigau in Grisons.
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Wild Flower Selection

A great selection for your summer picnic.

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Get to know the world's healthiest cheese.

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